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Adding Ginger

It was the day after the alleged Nor’easter that had everybody scared to death.  Turned out to be, just a normal snow mixed with rainstorm, at least in New York City, the Goliath of the Tri-State area. You have to … Continue reading

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Right Foot…Left Foot

There’s a woman I know who has left her body to Science.  It was decided years ago when her young son died from a congenital heart disorder.  Bobby Darin disease she calls it.  She wished she had donated his then, … Continue reading

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Choosing Cheer

No, I don’t mean the detergent. I’m speaking of bliss, elation, the joie de vivre as opposed to the droops, as Camille likes to call them. My friend Chris will always ask me after I finish lamenting over what seems … Continue reading

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Acting As If

This has become my new talent…pretending everything is hunky-dory when it’s really inky-stinky. It’s something 12 Step teaches…that if you could feign a good attitude you just may very well create one for yourself. Does it work? Absolutely, but patience … Continue reading

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What We Think We Know

Do you know what we know when you come right down to it? Nothing…absolutely zip…zilch, zero and my personal favorite…diddly-squat. We tool around saying things like, I guarantee, the reason he didn’t call is because he’s shacked up somewhere or, … Continue reading

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The Fat Man Goeth

Before I launch into a much needed rant over my former ear doctor, please note I have nothing against those who are plump or heavy. This is aimed only at one particular individual with the bedside manner of a marsupial, … Continue reading

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Love Till It Comes Along

How does one derive love when there is no one special to lavish our affections on? We need to tap into other sources, but what are they? They must vary from person to person so I sat down and made … Continue reading

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Sex With Love

Whenever anyone, who knew I was between lovers, would ask how could I possibly get along without sex for so long (could be a day) my stock answer would always be, “If I never had sex again I still would … Continue reading

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