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When A Heart Truly Opens

I think of myself as a very generous soul, but have learned, it has to ring true. Giving out of guilt neither helps the giver nor receiver. Two examples: There’s a man I know from AA who I like very … Continue reading

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A Not Nice New York

I live on the Upper East Side in the middle of a pretty block. If you go west, all is clean and peaceful, doormen sweeping, hosing down the pavement.  Seasonal flowers planted on each esplanade. However, if you go east, … Continue reading

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New York At Her Most Irritating

When did the city get so loud?  You can’t walk down the street without covering your ears,  construction on every corner. If they knock down one more old building, sadly not landmarked to build a high-rise, in ten years times, … Continue reading

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It’s A Miracle, I Can Walk

There’s a middle-aged black man who sits on the corner of 79th and Madison in an old, beat-up wheelchair directly in front of the J Crew Mens store. He sits with a cup and bible held together by string in … Continue reading

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Shoeless Joe

How do you know when it’s okay to help someone? There are people in legitimate need and then there are those who professionally beg. Does that sound harsh? Remember where I am, Noo Yawk, the scam capital of the world. … Continue reading

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