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Don’t You Own A Mirror?

I sat next to a woman who, when she got up, had on bright fuchsia undies beneath white, nylon exercise pants.  My panty-line alarm went off to the point of insanity since everyone on the bus starred at her rather … Continue reading

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Things That Elude Me – Part 4

I want to cover three things today: panty-line, doctors who smoke and why women talk so much. We’ll start with the latter. Yesterday I went to the post office where I had to stand in line for a good 20 … Continue reading

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I hate trends. They’re expensive, ephemeral and remind me of cheap uniforms with expiration dates. Take gladiator sandals, for instance. I wouldn’t wear them even if I were a gladiator. They crawl up your legs concealing one’s calf that I … Continue reading

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