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A Boy and His Dog

He’s a year old if he’s a day, just starting to toddle, careening down a hill in Central Park like a little car without breaks. Mom is behind him, smiling, her honey blonde hair waltzing in the breeze, while an … Continue reading

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The Birds

No, this isn’t about Tippi Hedren but it will make your hair stand on end, just a tad. It’s about my new, avid interest in those warm blooded egg-laying vertebrate distinguished by the possession of feathers, wings, and a beak … Continue reading

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One Father’s Day

I don’t talk much about my father who died of psoriasis of the liver when I was 18. I want to say right out of the gate there was a lot more to him than his on and off drinking … Continue reading

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Playing In The Minors

I was out to lunch the other day. (who said literally?) And there was a large table filled with Little Leaguers opposite me accompanied by three adults who sat at another nearby table. Listening to them was the best time … Continue reading

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Parental Alert

Yesterday when I was having breakfast I noticed this cute little boy sitting at a single table in the middle of the coffee shop eating all by himself. Dressed in khakis and a blue blazer, he couldn’t have been more … Continue reading

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The City Where I Live

Though I was born and raised in Connecticut, New York is really my home since I’ve lived here for 35 years. This will sound odd but it’s the only place where I truly feel safe. It’s when I’m in Darien … Continue reading

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What I Know Now That I Didn’t Know Then

You know how they say youth is wasted on the young? I’ve decided I’m in full accordance. If only I knew at 20 what I know now, boy would things have been different. One, I would have gone to school … Continue reading

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Inspect Your Elders

I went to my little Italian bistro 2 days in a row which turned into a colossal mistake. I had totally forgotten Sunday is packed as opposed to Saturday when you only have singles such as me sprinkled sporadically throughout … Continue reading

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