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There’s a Mouse in the House

I can’t kill anything. Somewhere in me lives a Quaker who feels even ants have their constitutional rights. Yesterday it started with a waterbug I was attempting to relocate. I flush them, figuring, they must be Olympic swimmers given their … Continue reading

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Santa’s Little Vixen

Remember when I wrote, no one in New York was Christmas shopping?  That’s because everyone was at Bloomingdales. Who knew? Twice a year I go there to buy my Laura Mercier concealer that has risen to the price of gold.  … Continue reading

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The Winter Of My Discontent

It’s still not officially winter, but it may as well be. I’m already layered like I’m sneaking out of a hotel…tights, long johns, 5 ply turtleneck sweaters. If I’m not careful I might tip right over as I’m walking down … Continue reading

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Joe Fresh

Wish I could say he was a frisky fella I’ve just met, but no such luck. He’s a huge store that has moved in across the street the size of a city block with racks and racks of low priced … Continue reading

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Soup To Nuts

I ducked into a cafe late yesterday morning to have a warm cup of soup. I’d been walking in the cold for a good two hours and like a 747, I needed refueling. My first mistake was thinking it would … Continue reading

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Turkeys That Have Known Me

I couldn’t decide whether to write about men that I’ve known or actual turkeys. However, on behalf of the day, I chose those 2 legged, if I were you I’d make myself scarce, members of the bird family. I myself … Continue reading

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Poor Susannah’s Almanac

I was perusing books at the library and came upon a biography on Benjamin Franklin called The First American by H.W. Brands, a prolific, sexy Professor from Austin Texas. I’ve been reading his new book on U.S. Grant, The Man … Continue reading

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Take Shelter

There’s nothing like a rescued animal to pry open your heart. I see proof of this all the time whenever I ask an owner if their pet was adopted. The animal has more spring in their step along with an … Continue reading

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Three Little Kittens

Hi… My name is Traveller    and I’m here on behalf of my three kids. I too need a home, I won’t lie, but I’m more concerned about the welfare of my babies so please, if you can, hear me out. … Continue reading

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