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Watching The World Go By

Perched on a bench in the park, in passive observation, to quote Pete Hamill, like I’m watching a parade pass by. Everyone seems to be out, enjoying the warmer climes. Couples, young and old, hold hands while fathers push strollers … Continue reading

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Following Susannah

I’m frequently asked how is it, I have so many stories to share? Why am I always engaging with strangers? Just so you know, I thought about this long and hard before responding. It’s the writer in me…it’s where my … Continue reading

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Good Writing

I’m reading essays by journalist, Pete Hamill, a favorite writer of mine.  If I had picked up, Piecework, earlier, it would have led my latest reading list. Compiled in 1996, I recall reading this collection then, but his writing has … Continue reading

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Salt In My Hair

  I’m on the Staten Island Ferry, a New York treasure, writing on a napkin, a well-worn copy of Pete Hamill’s, Downtown, nestled in my lap. It’s one of the books I read once a year, along with Pride and … Continue reading

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Let’s Grab Our Balls And Go

I love this expression, apparently a favorite of John Kennedy’s in essence, his way of saying, let’s suit up and show-em what we got. OOH, such a masculine mix of words now obsolete since they’d be considered inappropriate and more … Continue reading

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On The Books

I just reread a little book Pete Hamill wrote in 1998 called ‘Why Sinatra Matters‘ that was even better the second time. It opens up at P.J Clarke’s saloon, a New York landmark, where Frank is holding court at a back … Continue reading

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Close Encounters of the Best Kind

Have you ever met someone you absolutely revered? It’s happened to me more than once having the advantage of living in a city where the great and noble tend to congregate. It’s amazing when it happens because 2 things undoubtedly … Continue reading

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