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The Face Off

I’m a polite girl. I would never say the things to anyone, that others say to me. I’ve come to think mouths should come with a permit. If you had two heads, the most I’d say is hello, twice, never … Continue reading

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Things That Shouldn’t Be

Older men in Converse High Tops with toupees that, let’s face it, just don’t go together. Face lifts. That porcelain finish that should be restricted to planters and soup tureens. Why women think stretched like a drum is attractive will … Continue reading

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You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Model, But Not The Model Out Of The Girl

11:00 A.M.  I’m at a casting in midtown for an osteopenia drug. No, it’s not penis related. It’s the last stop, the green room, for osteoporosis. Where did the glamour go, I ask you? I’m surrounded by women in all … Continue reading

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Attention All Girls…Face Up

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she considers plastic surgery. You look in the mirror one day and wonder, who the hell is that? I made the decision a while back, to leave myself alone, and it … Continue reading

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Buffalo in Spandex

 It’s the time of year when that herd of seasonal runners come out from behind the 10 pounds they’ve gained over the winter in all their pudgy splendor. Think bears with a full fridge. There should be a law that … Continue reading

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The Anonymous Bouquet

Who said romance is dead? Oh, it was me. Ever since my libido moved to Florida, there’s been none in my life…not even a healthy flirt since, you need its presence when you’re femme fataling it in any capacity. It’s … Continue reading

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The Chin and I

What happened to the days when buying a raffle ticket meant, you won a car or a trip to Spain? I, on the other hand, after shelling out ten bucks for a good cause, won a free consultation with a … Continue reading

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Old Models Never Die…They Just Hop A Cab To Their Plastic Surgeon

My face and I had a meeting that didn’t go too well.  We met in the bathroom in front of a three-way mirror to consult what has turned into Pompeii of the lower regions. My chin is headed south like … Continue reading

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I’ve Still Got It…Kinda

My sex appeal has been down a quart.  Trying feverishly to stay in my truth, I don’t wish to deny this.  Hey, when you make skid marks into your 6th decade, you need to be honest with yourself.  You’re not … Continue reading

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Botox For Three

Camille called. “Do I have a deal for you,” she said on my voicemail. I couldn’t imagine what it could be unless it involved all the shrimp you could eat, and boy, was that not it. It started with a … Continue reading

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