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Stop That Dog

I’m happy to say spring is finally here deciding to stay awhile. Despite my joy, with the exception of a couple layers, I’m still more or less dressed for winter, at least running wise. I have so many things going … Continue reading

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Fashion Or A Figment Of Your Imagination

I was tooling down the avenue early this morning when a woman stopped to say how chic I looked. Chic?  I had on my tight black pants that make me look like a matador,  an ancient L.L. Bean turtleneck under … Continue reading

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Notes From The Carlyle – November 2014

After finding 20 bucks in a raincoat pocket, and it was a Burberry after all, I strolled down to my favorite watering hole happy to come home to mama. The great thing about Bemelmans is, it doesn’t change. Time seems … Continue reading

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Staying Where Your Feet Are

This may become my epitaph if I can ever hone the skill. It’s a 12 Step expression encouraging you to stay present not drifting too far into the future. The practice of mindfulness may sound easy, but come to find … Continue reading

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Toe In Cheek

Have I mentioned breaking my little toe? Yes, it happened a week or so ago when I kicked my Lucite table without any shoes on. I was angry after tripping over it first so the kick, let’s say, sealed the … Continue reading

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Tightening Your Prada Belt

This is not about losing weight though I am pretty lean these days. I’m referring to spending less if less is coming in. I wrote an essay (Home Economics) concerning my latest attempt at balancing the budget. I’d probably have … Continue reading

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Small Delays

I’ve learned something about myself that was rather illuminating. I love kids, but not when I’m in a hurry. There I was scurrying across the park to a last minute job when who do I collide with but The Manhattan … Continue reading

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Can I Give You a Lift?

Today I was stopped by a sign in a store window that said, ‘How 20 Minutes Could Change Your Life…’ According to Miss Marjorie, if I came in for a bra consultation everything, and I mean everything would be coming … Continue reading

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Being Sunday and all, I was musing over my lapsed Catholicism wondering if there was anything in its teaching that can be recycled. Kindness came to mind along with generosity, but the thing that gleamed brightest was gratitude that made … Continue reading

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The Guilty Wear Prada

I have gotten extremely good at saying no to parties and events I don’t wish to go to. The trouble is now, as punishment, I’m perceived as the bitch who purposely ruined Christmas. I’d like to say I don’t care … Continue reading

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