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Besieged, Bothered and Bewildered

When my friend MJ stopped writing to me, I missed her, but let her alone.  I knew whatever was going on had nothing to do with me. When Tallulah the Bishon’s mother said in her Christmas card, sorry we haven’t … Continue reading

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Early Morning Woo

There’s a guy in the park making eyes at me…he’s actually quite nice looking if you could get passed his nose, which I can’t, since he looks like a giant parrot. I ask myself why he didn’t bob it in … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not On Facebook

I’m asked this question at least once a day. The reason I’m not a social networker is because I don’t want my past popping into my present. Hey Susannah, remember me? We had sex in the back of my jeep … Continue reading

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Yipes Skype

As a blogger, I’m the last person to denigrate the internet but ‘Skype’ has me a little thrown. For those of you in the cyber closet, Skype is spiffy software from Microsoft that enables you to have a face to … Continue reading

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