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Best Line Of The Week

 It’s pouring. A white lab is tied up in front of a Starbucks soaked. I stop to give it a little pet shielding him beneath my umbrella. Another girl stops, looks at me and says,”He’s still here? I went by … Continue reading

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Rain, It’s Just Water

Bill Hicks used to tell me that every time I complained about rain. Of course it was more, it’s just fucking water, but it made an impression, so I try not to let it stand in my way. That said, … Continue reading

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A Little Rain

I’m walking along East 86th Street where the crosstown bus stops. There are four young boys waiting, all wet, from a sudden downpour.  If they didn’t have private school insignias stitched on their navy blazers, they could easily pass for … Continue reading

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Weather Or Not

I don’t do well in the cold. These couple of weeks of frigid temperatures have taken their toll. To put mildly…I’VE BEEN FUCKING MISERABLE. Come to think of it, I also pale in heat, rain, snow, hail and sleet. I … Continue reading

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A New York Story

It was late Saturday night when the rain pelting on the window sill woke me up. I didn’t mind really since I’ve always loved that sound; reminds me of being little all cozy and safe under soft flannel sheets. I … Continue reading

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It’s Just The Kinda Girl I Am

It was pouring yesterday morning when I woke up. I had worked the day before leaving much too early to be able to run so I really needed some exercise. Rather than running clothes, I donned my ripped jeans, gray … Continue reading

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My mother, when I was little and it poured this hard would say, “God is crying Susannah.” It usually coincided with me not eating my spinach however God, if  you’re listening, ‘GET OVER IT! HOW OLD ARE YOU?’ What’s with … Continue reading

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