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Favorite Quotes

Quotes are meant to inspire, encourage and make us smile. Whenever one winks, I jot it down. Writing: You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say. F. Scott Fitzgerald Tell the … Continue reading

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Things People Say

I’m a huge lover of quotes, always tickled to repeat them like a passionate parrot. And it’s not just the famous who coin them. I hear locals repeat pithy phrases all the time. Take Frank, my super, whenever I say, … Continue reading

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A Word That Doesn’t Matter

 I read a lot, and occasionally a word will jump off the page, smacking me good across my cheek. Bagatelle, is the latest. A noun that means, a thing of little importance.  A throwaway occurrence or set of circumstances…in other … Continue reading

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Susannah’s Spring, Summer Reading List 2017

 After being called a serial reader, So many books, so little time, doesn’t apply to me, reading nonstop regardless of where I am.    That’s the key, to have one with you at all times so you can sneak a … Continue reading

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An Inner Life

 My friend Jo said something that stayed with me.  She, a great reader, said, that lately she’d been feeling lonely, but is oh so grateful for such an inner life. Books give you that. They keep you company wherever you … Continue reading

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Susannah’s Fall, Winter Reading List 2016-2017

 I’m here surrounded by books I’ve taken from the library, like a wild party when no one goes home. Stacks of them by my bed, in the living room, near the front door.  Biographies, essays, memoirs and even the occasional … Continue reading

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A Light Gone Out

A few weeks ago I wrote an essay called, A Noble Soul, about a man I’d see at the library who wasn’t well. Found out, sadly, that he had died, probably around the same time I wrote about him.  I … Continue reading

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Is That My Ass You’re Looking At

Now, unlike women well-endowed who are used to rear end ogling, yours truly is not.  When some sassy guy I no longer speak to said, I look like a Number 2 Pencil, he was regrettably right. I’m skinny, and the … Continue reading

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Susannah’s Fall, Winter Reading List

I’m not boasting, but so far I’ve read 73 books this year not including a good 20 I didn’t finish.  There are just too many great reads to feel compelled to complete one that’s not all that compelling.  Chalk it … Continue reading

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So, How Often Do You Tweet?

“So, how often do you Tweet?” a deep voice asked.  I half expected a robin to be seated next to me, but it was a young man fondling his iPhone like a blowup doll. “Excuse me?” I said, looking up … Continue reading

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