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Kissing In The Moonlight

 They were tiny and squat, hooked at the hip, two figures you’d idly sketch on a notepad. His face, buried in her neck, half concealed, while hers, tilted upward, shimmered like a big, round pearl. Such a landscape it made, … Continue reading

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The Anonymous Bouquet

Who said romance is dead? Oh, it was me. Ever since my libido moved to Florida, there’s been none in my life…not even a healthy flirt since, you need its presence when you’re femme fataling it in any capacity. It’s … Continue reading

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Lust Is In The Air

It’s the mating season, and everybody’s doin it.  Squirrels, birds, bees, even educated fleas do it, to quote Cole Porter… let’s do it…let’s fall in love.  I could have sworn I saw two raccoons holding hands, turning out to be … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Camille

I haven’t written about my glamorous pal lately, because I haven’t seen her, not since becoming besotted with a Cuban named Edmundo. It’s a pity when women get involved with a man, how they abandon everything else, like a heroin … Continue reading

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Kissing In The Moonlight

I couldn’t sleep, deciding to venture out into the New York night hoping the warm air would make me drowsy. Move and muscle, change a thought came to mind as I donned my ripped jeans.  It’s a 12 Step suggestion … Continue reading

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Long Lost Love

It’s funny how one remembers things. I was looking into a store window on Madison and 76th, a few steps from The Carlyle, when it dawned on me it used to be an art gallery I often visited. Step back … Continue reading

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I Want To Hold Your Hand

I’ve had some issues lately quite humbling I won’t go into at this time, but my sense of observation has never been keener. There was a pretty, 40ish looking lady walking hand in hand with her daughter. What caught my … Continue reading

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May I Join You?

There’s never a dull moment when walking Carmela the basset hound. Not that I’m versed in dog-walking, but I can bet it’s not the same as say, walking a poodle. Last week she stole a sandwich and the time before … Continue reading

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Sexual Healing

I just heard ‘Sexual Healing,’ that old Marvin Gaye song and it got me thinking, what  is sexual healing exactly? Does it have anything to do with the Kama Sutra? Something I’ve always wanted to master by the way. If … Continue reading

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Gifts of Christmas Past

I don’t know about you but I’ve gotten some strange presents over the years. I once got a waterpik from a guy I was dating. Was it his way of telling me I had spinach between my teeth? And let’s … Continue reading

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