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When I was 18 I shared a beach house with a bunch of wonderful people in Lordship Connecticut.  There was one other woman living there by the name of Beth. Beth eventually married Mickey and they…

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Proof of Purchase

Why does every cashier ask if you want your receipt? Is there a paper or ink shortage I’m unaware of? Does it have something to do with manpower? I’ve noticed it enough to make me more than a little curious. … Continue reading

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RSVP Denied

Respondez s’il vous plait is French for, ‘well are you coming or not, have to tell the caterer…’ or as the rest of us know it as, ‘RSVP.’ Have you ever received an ‘Evite?’ It’s an invitation via email. Personally … Continue reading

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Greed Takes A Holiday

I’m trying to make light of the subject but I have to tell you, I’m always a little offended when I hear a story like the one I’m about to tell. First of all, I really, in my heart of … Continue reading

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Temper Temper

I’m about ready to blow my stack, as my father used to say. I can feel it, like mercury inching up a thermometer. A friend said it could be the changing of the seasons, perhaps I’m acclimating to the warmer … Continue reading

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What Did You Call Me?

I go out of my way to get along with people. I’ll admit, that wasn’t always the case but I’ve mellowed quite a bit in my twilight years. That said, I wanted to garrote a woman today who got angry … Continue reading

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