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The Lone Rangers of Central Park

I’ve written about raccoons before, but needed to share my latest sighting. It was early on Sunday, a must if you want to avoid the weekly runner’s race that, if you look over your shoulder, looks as if you’re being … Continue reading

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The Weight

I watch struggling women all the time, spending their lives obsessed with their weight. I see them when I’m running, smothered in Spandex, a fabric that doesn’t breathe hoping   they look thinner, when all it does it accentuate their … Continue reading

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Be Safe

  Every morning, before the sun is up when I go out to run, the designated doorman never fails to say, be safe. He knows I’m headed to the park oblivious to the navy sky I’m about to jog under. … Continue reading

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This morning when I was climbing Harlem Hill in Hamilton Heights, named after Alexander Hamilton, our first Secretary of the Treasury, because he lived there, I came upon a little old lady pushing a tiny grocery cart. She was 5 … Continue reading

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Anything Goes Sunday

I’m a very disciplined creature by nature…I’ve had to be.  When you grow up in an unstable environment, you need regular rhythms to rely on, so six days a week I’m like a West Point Cadet. I rise early, making … Continue reading

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I’d Duck If I Were You

As I was running around Harlem while a bike race was going on, I see a duckling with her beau contemplating crossing the street.  Not a good idea, I think, since those bikers wouldn’t stop for me let alone Jemima … Continue reading

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Temper Temper

There’s a runner in the park I’d like to kill.  You usually see him trying to woo women by showing them around wearing American flag shorts.  It’s the only time I’ve ever wanted to burn the flag. He likes to … Continue reading

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Weather Or Not

I don’t do well in the cold. These couple of weeks of frigid temperatures have taken their toll. To put mildly…I’VE BEEN FUCKING MISERABLE. Come to think of it, I also pale in heat, rain, snow, hail and sleet. I … Continue reading

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Running For Your Life

At my worst moment my legs are in flight. Tears could be streaming down my face, but I still faithfully head to the park each morning. I’m not sure of much, but what I do know…nature is the best healer … Continue reading

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Sex In The Distance

There’s a man I’m having a slight flirtation with.  It’s funny how you think you’re done in that area but you’re not. Your libido has been merely snoozing, asleep on the job. I see him almost every morning smartly dressed, … Continue reading

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