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My Pal Al Franken

Years ago, when Al Franken was a writer on Saturday Night Live, I played a Robert Palmer Girl with actress Geena Davis, who hosted. Palmer was an urbane, 80s, English singer with a backup band of tall, short-haired brunettes braying … Continue reading

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Memorable Movie Moments While Payin The Rent

“I so love your parents,” Susannah to Ben Stiller on the set of Zoolander (2001). “Do you think you should be speaking to the director quite that way?” Cecil B. De Mille, Stiller. “Can we move her please.  Do we really … Continue reading

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Seen Through Your Eyes

I’m still at a point in my writing where I care what the world thinks of me hesitating to shock with the inappropriate. For instance, there’s an essay in my pipeline called Cyberly F–ked I just can’t bring myself to … Continue reading

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