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What I Saw

An older woman in her Shabbat best, stopping to give the man with no legs money. She does it covertly, so not to embarrass him with such tenderness bringing tears to my eyes. I watch his sad face light up … Continue reading

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We Don’t Suffer Alone

Whenever I have a case of the poor mes I’m shown immediately things can be worse. How many people do I see in wheel chairs.  Or the ancient accompanied by a disinterested caretaker who assumes her charge doesn’t know the … Continue reading

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Hear Hear

I was too disturbed to write this yesterday, having had one more unfortunate incident concerning my hearing, or rather lack of. A guy I recently worked with decided to write an email telling me how I should feel and act … Continue reading

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Trying Not To Shake It

I’m a big believer in paying attention to what’s put in front of you. More often than not it’s a lesson of some kind, and what I saw this morning belongs in that category. There’s a little old black man … Continue reading

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Unwind…Be Kind

Yes, I’m trying to be clever, but please note my brain is frozen since it’s cold again. Spring stopped by for a day or so but took off again during the night. What’s with her? I’ve been so wrapped up … Continue reading

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