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The New Norm?

How will it be, when we’re finally let out of our cage…when every business reopens, and we can all go back to work. Will life ever be casual again? It’s interesting, the things I miss. The Gap for starters. To … Continue reading

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A Few Things I Know

My friend Ed and I were discussing regrets over not being more attentive to friends who are no longer here. He felt sad over an actor he knew he hadn’t stayed in touch with, who died. It reminded me of … Continue reading

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Living in the Day

Isak Dinesen wrote…the reason God made the world round was so we couldn’t see too far ahead. I’m a person who lives in the day. I learned this lesson in 12 Step ten years ago, practicing it best I can. … Continue reading

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September 11, 2017

I was asked, why do I insist on celebrating this day. First of all, celebrating is certainly, not the right word.  One doesn’t celebrate the saddest day New York City has ever had. But yes, we remember. I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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God Bless America

I warn you, this is not one of my slaphappy posts. I’m here, stunned into silence after going to the 9/11 Museum downtown. A friend asked, what possessed me? Well, I always wanted to go since, being a survivor of … Continue reading

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Give Me Your Tired…Your Poor…Your Detained

It’s no secret Donald Trump, the bible still warm from his oath of office, proceeds minus tact nor diplomacy.  I attribute this to not caring what others think of him, an odd trait for any president to have. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Cops And Robbers

I was in line at the bank with a policeman at the teller window while his partner stood behind a woman behind me. I offered him my place in line.  “No, no,” he said, “I can wait.” “Yeah, but your … Continue reading

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September 11th, Fourteen Years Hence

I feel a tremendous need to commemorate this day unlike many who wish to forget it.  And it’s not as if I don’t understand why…I do.  It was a God awful day, especially for a New Yorker. Our country changed … Continue reading

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Cecil the Lionhearted

There’s been lots of controversy over the fatal death of Cecil, the southwest, African lion shot by an arrogant Minnesota dentist named Walter Palmer, causing a ripple effect across the world.  There’s a picture of the kill, the slayer standing … Continue reading

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Am I Glad To See You

I just bumped into a man walking his two dogs. The nicest guy, married to the nicest woman I’ve known now for 25 years. He’s the one you would have killed to settle down with…handsome, sweet, smart, successful, a keeper … Continue reading

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