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Sex On Lex

   Remember the Sex and the City episode when Miranda dates a guy that likes doing it in public?  There she is with her legs in the air, when his parents pop into his childhood bedroom to see what all … Continue reading

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Athingirl Turns Five

I can’t  believe I’ve been blogging for almost five years.  How time flies.  Every July I think, is it time to pull the plug like Sex and the City or The West Wing before it ceases to be creatively charming?  … Continue reading

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62 Skidoo

Camille and I were standing in line to see Arbitrage, the new Richard Gere film that just opened on Friday.    “Look at him,” Camille said devouring the movie poster, “he looks good enough to eat.” “Eh, he’s okay,” I said, … Continue reading

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Hold the Respect

When did I become a Ma’am, I ask you? The least someone could have done would be to give me my ‘Miss’ papers in person, after all I deserve that, don’t you think? Everywhere I go I’m addressed as Ma’am … Continue reading

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Versatile Bloggers

Very soon after starting to blog I was presented with ‘The Versatile Blogger’ award by a very nice cat by the name of Jimmie Chew. (no, we’re not talking bongo drums, he’s an actual cat) I was tremendously flattered by … Continue reading

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