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Have You Seen My Mind By Any Chance?

Stress has taken over my life like a really obnoxious roommate. Everything that can go wrong has. As a friend of mine likes to say…he feels as if he’s just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Every day I rise … Continue reading

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Step Away From That X-ray Machine and Nobody Gets Hurt

I’m here with ice packs on my chest after being assaulted during my annual mammogram by a woman the size of a tank. Charisa was her name and I thought she’d kill me. “I’m not one to take unnecessa’ feelms’ … Continue reading

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A Word On Its Feet

When I hear an uncommon word three times in a row, I take notice, so when supercilious kept coming up it got my attention.  It’s not a word one hears in normal conversation only occasionally appearing on the page. An … Continue reading

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Downton Abbey

This is hard for me to admit but I’m a ‘Downton Abbey’ addict. Good-bye ‘West Wing,’ hello 9 new episodes on PBS. I watched part 4 of Season 2 that left me weeping uncontrollably over the plight of Matthew and … Continue reading

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