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Jumpin Mac Flash

“You’re not thinking of jumping, are ya?” It’s barely light when I climb onto the running track that surrounds the Central Park Reservoir, named for Jackie O who used to circle it, just like I’m about to do. There’s hardly … Continue reading

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More Things That Elude Me

Blue, black and green nail polish…it looks as if you caught your toes in a car door and fingers, a vice. I really can’t see the allure of black and blue extremities, yet they’re all the rage it seems. I’m … Continue reading

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Gotta Light?

Sometimes it pays to pay attention, other times you wish otherwise, like this morning. I was coming back from the Park when I spot two little kids no more than 3 standing near a parked car. First of all, they … Continue reading

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The Contaminators

I believe I’ve shared my plight over smoke filtering through my apartment in the post ‘Drips and Drabs’ that without sounding too dramatic, is ruining my life. Last night the smell woke me at 2 am with a headache that … Continue reading

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When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

I’ve mentioned many of my neighbors on a number of occasions. There’s the night owl upstairs and the sex queen next door. We even had one who was arrested recently for reasons still unknown but now we have ‘the smoker.’ … Continue reading

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