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A Ring Through Your Nose

There I was, lolling in hot water for my monthly pedicure (at Thingirl’s worse moment she’s soaking), when a hysterical mother came charging in like a bull, in Gucci. “My daughter needs help,” she said, as if she were lying … Continue reading

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The Manner Not Borne

It never ends, the chronic rudeness of the Upper East Side, beginning with kids. Parents clearly don’t teach manners anymore, their offspring behaving like feral cats, who actually act better. On my way to Petco’s beloved biscuit bar to make … Continue reading

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Zoo York

I saw a guy strolling down Madison Avenue with a T-shirt that had ‘Zoo York’ across the front. It really struck me funny since I’ve always thought my neighborhood should have a net thrown over it. The Upper East Side … Continue reading

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Fathers, Sons and Bicycles

I witnessed a sweet sighting on my walk in the park (yes I’m walking again, don’t ask). I’ve seen this trio before, a father with his son who can’t be more than 6 and the kid’s bicycle that he’s been … Continue reading

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