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Birds do It…Bees Do It

And even squirrels in Central Park, it seems, do it like little gray porn stars. There I was in full stride when I see two of the randiest squirrels going at it like Liz and Dick.  I mean WOW…were they … Continue reading

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The Cat And The Rat

I love my friend Ella. She’s one of the kindest, funniest people I know. She emails most mornings having me on the floor with her recap of the previous day. I’ve been urging her to begin a blog, diary form, … Continue reading

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For Ella

I love to watch the squirrels in Central Park. They never fail to make me laugh with their gentle reminder to please lighten up. They’re the ones who alert me that spring is coming when I watch them flirt and … Continue reading

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Bottled and Tagged

This morning, grateful it was so warm, I stood and watched 2 squirrels play tag. Did someone just say Susannah get a life? Was that nice? It’s a wonderful thing to stop and observe nature. It’s calming and tranquil and … Continue reading

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A Peaceful Morning

My neighborhood gets up late on Sundays so if you’re smart, like me, you’ll revel in having the Park all to yourself. I decided to saunter my first loop taking in my surroundings since the sweet sound of quiet proved … Continue reading

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