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Have You Seen My Mind By Any Chance?

Stress has taken over my life like a really obnoxious roommate. Everything that can go wrong has. As a friend of mine likes to say…he feels as if he’s just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Every day I rise … Continue reading

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There’s A Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On

My heat is off. I’m here wrapped in a blanket with sweats over my pajamas. I look like Geronimo about to run track. We’ve been actually lucky lately, the boiler holding its own. But like anything old and weary, it … Continue reading

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When The Lights Went Out

I had such a scary thing happen on Friday. I couldn’t see. My vision in my left eye went south while the right took on a blur making it hard to even walk down the stairs. Did I panic? Yes. … Continue reading

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How Bout Those Blue jays

Saw something that made such an impression on me. I was in the park stretching on the 82nd Street bridge when I look up, something I’ve learned to do since nature tends to soar on high, when I see a … Continue reading

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When Someone Depreciates Your Writing

Had two things happen. First I get a personal e-mail from someone I don’t even know asking why I don’t read their blog. Then they say, if you don’t read my blog, I’m no longer reading yours. Okay, because I’m … Continue reading

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Wall Nuts

In my own defense, I do try to mind my own business, but sometimes a word to another cannot be helped. I’m in Dean & Deluca, a fancy coffee and gourmet store with limited seating. All the stools are taken, … Continue reading

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Flushed And Frosted

My heat is off…again. I went to bed like an Eskimo buried so far beneath my covers I worried I’d smother. I kept sticking my head out for air, to make sure I was still alive. My landlady, who’s nice … Continue reading

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A Slice Of Drama With Cheese

  As you know, I have a favorite pizza place I frequent called Farinella where I’ve come to know the owner and staff. Yesterday as I happily awaited my Pizza Primavera (zucchini and mushroom atop a layer of light organic … Continue reading

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Tossing An Elbow

I love this expression. I believe I heard it first on a West Wing episode when Leo Mc Garry, the White House Chief of Staff played majestically by the late, great John Spencer, had to simmer some senator down never … Continue reading

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Big Sticks

Teddy Roosevelt is my all-time favorite president for a pack of reasons. He was smart, bighearted, wrote and read prolifically, had courage and bluster, but not too much so not to weep when in 1918 Quentin, his youngest son’s plane, … Continue reading

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