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Best Story of the Week…July 19

Thursday…8 A.M It’s pouring. The kind of rain that drenches and drowns despite umbrellas, Wellies and yellow rain slickers. I’m tooling out of Starbucks with my birthday latte, yes, they treat you to the item of your choice if you … Continue reading

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Friendship a Bloomin’

The Latino woman preceding me most days in the Starbuck’s line, along with the African American cook who works for a rich family on Fifth, have become fast friends. I’ve been watching it unfold, this funny friendship you’d never expect … Continue reading

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The Barista and the Paperboy

Love is in bloom, and at 5 a.m. no less. I’ve been watching it unfold for months now, like an exotic plant acclimating to a hotter climate. Charlotte, I’ll call her, is overweight, but so, so pretty, reminding me of … Continue reading

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Old Willie

The growing list of characters in my life could easily resurrect P.T. Barnum, the latest one being an old black man in a wheelchair. I see him when I go early to a particular Starbucks as he rolls himself in … Continue reading

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Trying Not To Shake It

I’m a big believer in paying attention to what’s put in front of you. More often than not it’s a lesson of some kind, and what I saw this morning belongs in that category. There’s a little old black man … Continue reading

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How Do You Say No?

Most mornings, on my way to a Starbucks that opens at 5, I pass a man who has a coffee cart.  They’re little, unsavory wagons selling donuts, hard rolls (and I mean hard) and the worst coffee on the planet. … Continue reading

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When Your Sneaker’s In Your Mouth

I need to take a vow of silence between the hours of 5 and 8 a.m.  Sadly, for the world, it happens to be my chattiest time. I’m wide-awake, well rested, with a kilo of coffee in my system that … Continue reading

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