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Beulah Comes Alive

 This was not meant as a racist remark, but Beulah, when I was growing up, was the most famous African American maid on the planet often referred to as the black Hazel, though in those politically incorrect days the term … Continue reading

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Fat Man At My Table

I’m in Starbucks at my usual table when a very large man sits in the chair across from me. “Excuse me,” I say, “but why are you here?” properly startled. He says, “It’s community seating, so I can sit where … Continue reading

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A Three Dollar Bill

Starbucks  5 A.M. Believe it or not, there’s a line that luckily, is behind me. In walks Mr. Brooks Brothers, who I’ve written about (https://athingirl.com/2017/03/01/) perfectly pressed, in his usual hurry. He looks perplexed, with six customers ahead of him, … Continue reading

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Best Story of the Week

I’m in Starbucks putting milk in my coffee standing between a middle-aged woman and a girl around 20. As I’m stirring I watch the younger one take a good 40 sugar packets she casually puts in her purse. The older … Continue reading

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Excuse Me, But Whose Baby Is This?

I’m in Starbucks sitting next to a parked baby carriage, the only seat in the house.  It’s a little after 8, late for me, so the place is already jumping. As I sit answering emails, suddenly a little foot appears, … Continue reading

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Willie and His Radio

Old Willie, who’ve I’ve written about, I see in and around Starbucks in the morning, found a radio…a little transistor that has seen better days. Taped, scratched, the kind you had when you were a kid, but if you saw … Continue reading

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Fear In A Venti Cup

It’s dawned on me, as I sit in Starbucks early in the morning, my eyes dart up every time someone walks through the door wondering if they have a gun or explosives hidden in their laptop bag or knapsack. I’ve … Continue reading

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When Things Are Not What They Seem

My neighbor in 7C stopped me in the lobby to say, “So who is he?” “Excuse me?”  I couldn’t imagine who or what she was talking about.  She’s a woman I helped once and hardly know, but thinks we’re pals. … Continue reading

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One Bad Barista

My favorite time of day is first thing in the morning when I venture out for coffee. Of course it could go right downhill after that, but between 5 and 5:30, the world’s my oyster, or at least a Tall … Continue reading

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Coming Up Short

There’s an older woman I see at Starbucks in the morning that makes me take pause.  Imagine The Rocky Horror Show 35 years later.  She’s made up like a courtesan…lips red, cheeks rouged, with frizzy, stringy hair crisscrossing her face … Continue reading

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