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More Things You May Not Know

The quote, To Thine Own Self Be True, comes from Hamlet, Polonius giving his son, Laertes, some good fatherly advice. It also graces the AA coins one gathers, symbolizing another grateful year of sobriety. That Shakespeare, they don’t call it … Continue reading

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Best Story of the Week…June 28

A young, what I call, weekend Dad, is proudly strolling down the Avenue with his 2 year-old son toddling beside him, pushing a stroller with one hand, holding his tiny hand in the other, when he starts to violently cough… … Continue reading

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Memorable Movie Moments While Payin The Rent

“I so love your parents,” Susannah to Ben Stiller on the set of Zoolander (2001). “Do you think you should be speaking to the director quite that way?” Cecil B. De Mille, Stiller. “Can we move her please.  Do we really … Continue reading

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Look, It’s Traveller (Lincoln review)

Abraham Lincoln is one of my favorite heroes in history. (he’s reading in this photograph) I’ve read so many books about him that it feels as though I knew him so when Daniel Day-Lewis first appears on screen in Lincoln, … Continue reading

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Count Your Wheelchairs

I remember when I was little my grandmother, whenever she had a problem, would say ‘oh povero mi’. Oh poor me rang in my ears like the Italian National Anthem. Even at 3 I wanted to smack her. Why is … Continue reading

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