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Cat And Mouse

Now I’ve seen everything.  Rosie, the Windsor Florist cat, has a new playmate and one that has come as a complete surprise.  It’s a little baby mouse the owner has named Pip, as in pipsqueak since he’s the size of … Continue reading

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New eBook…Notes From A Working Cat

My new ebook ladies and gentlemen. A little backstory: Maya was a cat I fell in love with who worked across the street from me in a lavish gourmet store. I’d visit her daily after being given basement rights since … Continue reading

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Hear Hear

I was too disturbed to write this yesterday, having had one more unfortunate incident concerning my hearing, or rather lack of. A guy I recently worked with decided to write an email telling me how I should feel and act … Continue reading

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Cheap Cheap

I’ve mentioned more than once how I stop at a florist every morning to visit Rosie the cat. It’s become such a part of my daily ritual I’d never dream of not popping by. In my addled imagination, I know … Continue reading

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