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Three Rounds On The Number 6

It’s a jungle out there, I’m often told, and this one day in particular echoed that sentiment. I get on the 6 train coming from Brooklyn proceeding to sit between a hulking construction looking guy, and a black man in … Continue reading

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Model Connections

My friend Camille and I were out to dinner with Tabitha Monahan after I ran into her at a party. Camille, who forgot how irritating she can be, accused her of name-dropping. Apparently she was at an opening and Justin … Continue reading

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P.T. and Me

In my post, Playing In The Minors, I told a historical anecdote toward the end concerning circus elephants. That said, I was highly reprimanded by an acquaintance for advocating elephant abuse. I take great umbrage in this since that is … Continue reading

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Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

Break-ups are never clean; actually they can be quite messy. I can never remember one that ended after the first good-bye. They tend to bounce like a rubber ball taking a while to come to a full stop. It’s a … Continue reading

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It’s a Text and Run

I love animals and have no fear toward them, it doesn’t matter what creature I’m encountering. I’m the girl who enters the lion’s cage and says, “here kitty kitty.” This morning I had the pleasure of meeting 2 rescued pit … Continue reading

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