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Put Up Your Nukes

  Am I never safe from the assholes of the world? I’m in Tiramisu, a cheap, casual bistro near my house, eating a little pasta.  I’m in a good mood since, when I’m done, will be heading to the library … Continue reading

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Lights Out

I almost got killed the other day, and it was totally my fault. I was on the phone. My friend Chris was relating a story while I, without as much as a glance either way, walked right into traffic. Something … Continue reading

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When More Is Revealed

You’ve heard the expression ‘things are never what they seem’ well, I’d like to have an ongoing audio tape blasting in my head reminding me of this since I arrogantly always assume I know what’s going on. How often am … Continue reading

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Those Wacky Garbage Men

Have you ever noticed how happy the men who pick up the garbage are? I have. My windows face the avenue so every morning they wake me up with their prevailing, predawn giggles. I never knew picking up municipal waste … Continue reading

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