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Boobs, Babies and Tattoos

I spent the day working in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in what seemed like an animated cartoon strip. Everywhere you looked, there were pregnant women about to deliver, endowed with breasts of massive proportions, plastered with tats, as they call tattoos down … Continue reading

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Fall Cleaning

I just watched an imposing looking Latino girl clean out her whole humungus hand bag on the train. Wallet, umbrella, phone, make-up, even a T-shirt that said…Bed Sty Stud, I’m assuming belonged to her boyfriend, piled beside her. She was … Continue reading

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The Best Story Of The Week

Every morning I see a dog walker with several poodles, never any other breed. My first encounter with this handsome, middle-aged man…punky looking with a tattoo of an anchor wrapping around his arm like a nautical tourniquet, was me snapping … Continue reading

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No Biting Or Hair Pulling

I was witness to an argument that left me filled with thought…a young couple duking it out at the entrance of Central Park.  I so wanted to say, please don’t go in disturbing the peace, but managed to muzzle myself. … Continue reading

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Miss Bianchi You’ve Won

You really know when you’ve taken a wrong turn when you win a personalized, whatever that means, three inch in diameter tattoo. Me, of all people, who hate them. Apparently I entered a raffle, unbeknownst to me, when I bought … Continue reading

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You Know What You Can Do With Your Avocado

Don’t you get annoyed when out of shape strangers give you unsolicited nutritional advice? I do, and that’s putting it mildly. Even though I have a sweet tooth that needs to be fought with a whip and a chair I … Continue reading

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