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Let’s Get This Straight

Teddy Roosevelt coined the phrase…speak softly, and carry a big stick, like when he sent our fleet around the world during peacetime, just to let everyone know…don’t ever think we’re not ready. Sadly, people who are kind are often perceived … Continue reading

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Athingirl Turns Five

I can’t  believe I’ve been blogging for almost five years.  How time flies.  Every July I think, is it time to pull the plug like Sex and the City or The West Wing before it ceases to be creatively charming?  … Continue reading

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Early Morning Woo

There’s a guy in the park making eyes at me…he’s actually quite nice looking if you could get passed his nose, which I can’t, since he looks like a giant parrot. I ask myself why he didn’t bob it in … Continue reading

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Charmed Robbery

The owner of the cat I fed for a week, gave me a gift for my trouble. When she called to say she had something, I was thinking along the lines of hand lotion, cookies, maybe even a Starbucks card. … Continue reading

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I first heard this word in a book describing Bobby Kennedy having no idea what it meant. Then I heard it again on a West Wing episode when Sam tells Mandy she has it, and she also didn’t know its … Continue reading

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Oh Deer

Whatever you do, don’t have a cold mozzarella panini drowning in hummus before bed. I can’t imagine what I was thinking, especially being on my Amish ear diet and all. I worked late two nights in a row so my … Continue reading

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I was ambling up 5th Avenue on my way home when I heard organ music in the distance.  It was so beautiful that I followed it right inside the vestibule of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. As I climbed the stone … Continue reading

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The Great American Family

I decided I needed a matinee so I went to see Ted, the alleged comedy with Mark Walhberg that I have very little to say about except – if Teddy Roosevelt  ever saw his namesake using a urinal   I … Continue reading

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Duchess Down Under

I’m not a fan of hardcore news so sometimes I peruse the lesser stories of the day such as: ‘Turkey Causes Havoc On Staten Island Ferry’ or ‘The Best Wines To Drink With Cold Cuts.’I guess you’d call it, ‘extra … Continue reading

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