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Best Story of the Week…January 7

It’s still dark as I make my way to the Park, the temperature barely hitting 30. I’m wearing so many clothes it looks as if I’ve just sneaked out of a hotel without paying the bill, the only way to … Continue reading

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Only I would come upon a 16 year-old girl weeping, early in the morning, because she feels her ass is too big. First off, I never go by anyone who’s crying without stopping to see why.  I’ve had so many … Continue reading

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Who Nose

There’s a young kid in my building with a nose, or schnoz, as my pal Ed would say, the length of Long Island. I mean it’s big. Frank the super tells me, the boy, who’s 12, is bugging his parents … Continue reading

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Best Story Of The Week

 I’m in the 5 items or less check-out line at Whole Foods with a young kid around 20, in front of me, getting coffee and a muffin. I say, “Wouldn’t you like a little bag for your muffin?” It’s self-service … Continue reading

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Fat Girl

There’s a teenage girl I see in the park who runs regularly.  She wears bright red tights, a hoodie and reminds me of a dancing  bear.  She’s pretty, with long tawny hair caught in a ponytail with cheeks that seem … Continue reading

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Crying At Two Percent

I can never walk past anyone weeping, I don’t care who it is, always having to stop to see if there’s anything I can do. The answer is usually no, but feel the mere acknowledgement of someone’s pain makes it … Continue reading

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The Red Socks

I’ll admit, I do tend to have strange encounters. I think it’s partly because I pay attention  like most writers, and I’m willing more often than not to engage…like this morning. It was pouring all day but I was determined … Continue reading

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A Peaceful Morning

My neighborhood gets up late on Sundays so if you’re smart, like me, you’ll revel in having the Park all to yourself. I decided to saunter my first loop taking in my surroundings since the sweet sound of quiet proved … Continue reading

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