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Best Story of the Week…October 28nd

I’m about to enter my building when I hear someone holler, “Excuse me!” My doorman points to a man with a young boy hurrying towards me. The kid looks familiar in his high-end leather bomber jacket and jeans. “I’d like … Continue reading

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Text Direct

As I was crossing Fifth Avenue early in the morning, I almost collided with a Fresh Direct man and his massive cart of deliveries while he was obliviously texting.  If I hadn’t jumped out of the way, I would have … Continue reading

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Snoot In A Suit

As I was coming out of Zitomer, the Cartier of drug stores, a man…a very dashing man I might add, hit me straight on because HE WAS TEXTING… ANGRY I DIDN’T MOVE. Okay, I’ll admit, I could have, but he … Continue reading

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A Dog Texter No More

I had a skirmish in the park this morning. Who said, what else is new? I’ll admit, this has been like a slow train coming since it’s not a new story. Central Park is filled with dog walkers. Some with … Continue reading

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Lights Out

I almost got killed the other day, and it was totally my fault. I was on the phone. My friend Chris was relating a story while I, without as much as a glance either way, walked right into traffic. Something … Continue reading

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