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Oh God

I was raised Catholic, though running for my life, my mother using God like a machete to scare me half to death, certainly a bad rap for the great creator. My God as of late is more casual, in a … Continue reading

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Holy Thursday

I no longer consider myself a Christian, yet still remember the poignancy of Holy Thursday.  Of the three, high holy days, it was always my favorite, leaving its mark in its inimitable way. It’s the eve of Good Friday, that … Continue reading

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Christmas Aftermath

It’s three days after Christmas and tinseled trees already line the gutter, their branches still fresh. Can’t we hold on to yuletide just a little longer? The store below me has gotten rid of their Santas replaced with plastic champagne … Continue reading

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Oh God

I was brought up Catholic which explains why I no longer am one.  It did more damage to my psyche than I can say, thanks to my mother and the good old Catholic church. Fear of God is my biggest … Continue reading

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Does Truth Truly Set You Free?

The Bible says: Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free…John 8:32 You hear this in 12 Step a lot, but they add…but first it will kick your sorry ass. I’m in that group. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Out Of The Mouths of Babes

Something sweet happened on the train when I was headed downtown. I had gotten up in a very melancholy mood for reasons unknown. It happens sometimes, as though I watched a very sad film while dreaming. Across from me sat … Continue reading

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A Born Again Optimist

I was just sitting here musing over my religious beliefs that seem to be all over the place. After reading writer Anne Lamott, who really illuminated me in the area of believing, I keep asking myself, what exactly do you … Continue reading

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