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Decking the Halls

I first wrote this overly sweet, soppy, schmaltzy piece that even made me sick about the miracle of Christmas. Well, screw that, and Jane I’ll apologize beforehand. Jane’s an angel who will no doubt get the best suite in heaven … Continue reading

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Hash Wednesday

Yeah I know, such blasphemy, sacrilege and impiety.  Three great words, even if they imply I should be happily drawn and quartered? That said… Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, where Christians of all sex, I mean … Continue reading

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My Roots Are Showing

Yesterday I went to confession.  Don’t know what possessed me, but there I was face to face with a priest I don’t particularly like. The new thing is, no confessional.  You sit opposite one another in folding chairs I suppose … Continue reading

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My Pal Jesus

I ran into a priest I know who gives a 5:30 mass on Fridays. I was so happy to see him that without thinking, I said I’d attend. A lapsed Catholic of my word, I went, and by sitting in … Continue reading

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Calm Before the Storm

I’m here battening down the hatches awaiting Mr. Frankenstorm, aka Sandy, who has now been delayed till tomorrow (meaning today). I guess he stopped off someplace, the little unpredictable windbag that he is. It was right around this time last … Continue reading

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Caught Between Realms

There’s a story gaining rapid speed about a former FBI agent who claims she saw angels on September 11, 2001; she’s even written a book called Shadow of a Badge: A Spiritual Memoir. Three hours after it happened, Lillie Leonardi … Continue reading

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All Things Pass

As I sat down to write, it was hard for me to switch gears from gravitas to silliness. Yesterday’s elegy to Nora Ephron left me in a heap on my bed. I realized there has been quite a bit of … Continue reading

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Three Little Ladies

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes and in this case it’s very short. I am friends with 3 Filipino women from a Catholic parish I once belonged to. For whatever reason Ponita, Luce and Lonnie decided to become my … Continue reading

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How Bout Those Cardinals?

I’ve decided birds are very democratic. This morning when I was stretching I watched a group of them sharing a bagel that could have used a bit of defrosting. Oblivious to me they pecked this thing for all it was … Continue reading

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