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Spring is Here…She Called

Just came from the Park that’s about to explode, Mother Nature setting the stage. Irises, daisies and daffodils, like yellow flutes, sway in the breeze. The birds are back, flirting with squirrels who can’t say no to pretty girls. A … Continue reading

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What Happened To Summer?

Did she call? I can’t believe August is over with fall in the wings.  It’s as if we’ve had the Reader’s Digest version of summer.  Or one with crib notes. It makes me wonder how Kate’s frogs must feel, like … Continue reading

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Central Park Rehab

I can’t seem to run deciding my heart’s just too heavy to lift.  So instead I’ve been walking and weeping, weeping and walking allowing mother nature to comfort me. She’s the all time antidote for heartbreak since God really shows … Continue reading

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Stop That Dog

I’m happy to say spring is finally here deciding to stay awhile. Despite my joy, with the exception of a couple layers, I’m still more or less dressed for winter, at least running wise. I have so many things going … Continue reading

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To Be A Kid Again

This morning while stretching on what I like to call an Olmstead/Vaux Bridge (Fredrick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux were the creators of Central Park), I noticed a kid, no more than 6, swinging from a low tree branch. It … Continue reading

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