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An Appropriate Word

The late, great Bill Hicks, when he was bored, read the dictionary.  I didn’t quite get it at the time, but sure do now, since I too have come to love words.

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The Politeness of Puppies

Punctilio, a fancy word for good manners, not that you hear it a lot, but when you do, it reminds us of a different time when politeness wasn’t so rare. Etiquette, rules of conduct, or just the customary code for … Continue reading

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 I love listening to others talk, especially when I can actually hear them. The articulate verses the urban…sounds of slang and what’s correct. Often a word jumps out, getting my attention like this morning, eavesdropping on a burly fellow in … Continue reading

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A Cheeky Word

While speaking with a friend, she called a guy we both know, cheeky.  So not to display my ignorance, rather than ask it’s meaning, I came home to do research. Cheeky, an adjective… impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way: a cheeky grin. … Continue reading

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Prig, A Superior Word

 I overheard two men talking. One said to the other, “I really like Kyle, but he’s such a fucking prig.”  Prig? Now there’s a word you don’t hear very often, so naturally my ears flapped like Dumbo’s. Prig: a self-righteously moralistic … Continue reading

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Poetic License

I’m asked often, if everything I write is true. Let’s put it this way…imagine writing on a long strip of elastic, truth slightly stretched, to enlighten and entertain. Emily Dickinson called it, writing on slant.  I call it, accessorizing, yet … Continue reading

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A Word That Sizzles

I’m reading a book about George H.W. Bush by the esteemed writer, Jon Meecham (Destiny and Power…The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush), and a line jumped out at me… Bush appreciated steadiness over sizzle… Letting it roll around … Continue reading

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A Custom-Made Word

Whenever a word I’ve never used or even heard of keeps popping up, it gets my attention. Bespoke, an adjective, pertaining to the matter of dress…a natty, well-heeled, personal style…custom-made, made to order to a particular specification. To display…he lived … Continue reading

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A Word With Two Meanings

Lofty…of a noble or exalted nature – towering, soaring, grand and fine.  Decent, worthy, virtuous and good. Lofty ideals verses lofty disdain…arrogant, conceited, high-minded and vain. Proud, prissy, superior and smug. Noun…loftiness Adverb…loftily It’s a word that rolls off your … Continue reading

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A Word On Its Feet

When I hear an uncommon word three times in a row, I take notice, so when supercilious kept coming up it got my attention.  It’s not a word one hears in normal conversation only occasionally appearing on the page. An … Continue reading

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