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Cab This

A mother and her teenage daughter are on my corner having an argument. The kid wants to take a taxi, and mom the bus. Mind you, they look very affluent in blazers and fancy jeans, but the mother is adamant … Continue reading

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Trash Talk’in

Yesterday, I was about to begin my run, when I saw a bevy of beer bottles rolling beneath a bench.  I love Central Park and loathe littering anywhere, so often find myself, like this morning, picking it up. As I … Continue reading

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Hold That Granola

Where I get my Sir Lancelot tendencies is a mystery, but this morning I defended a young cashier working at The Food Emporium.  They had just opened, a little after 7, so there was hardly anyone there.  She was talking … Continue reading

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A Word On Its Feet

When I hear an uncommon word three times in a row, I take notice, so when supercilious kept coming up it got my attention.  It’s not a word one hears in normal conversation only occasionally appearing on the page. An … Continue reading

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Entitlement Syndrome

I’m always amazed at who’s the best mannered because it’s never who you think it will be. It’s not the well-dressed business man seated on the train buried in his New York Times who gallantly gives his seat to the … Continue reading

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Brain Rest

Brain rest is what they prescribed for Hilary Clinton as she healed in New York’s Columbia Presbyterian Hospital from a blood clot this past week. That meant, no phone, television, computer…the former first lady couldn’t even read. To sum it … Continue reading

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Things That Elude Me Part 3

People who put their feet up on furniture is my new pet peeve and I believe it’s becoming epidemic. I often speak of the library I belong to with great affection. There’s a reading room I frequent with easy chairs … Continue reading

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Zoo York

I saw a guy strolling down Madison Avenue with a T-shirt that had ‘Zoo York’ across the front. It really struck me funny since I’ve always thought my neighborhood should have a net thrown over it. The Upper East Side … Continue reading

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