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Best Story of the Week…April 29th

As I tool down East 83rd Street, in the middle of the block in front of a barber shop, stands an enormous cage with a sign that reads.. The Name’s Mable…Don’t Get Too Close…I’m Ferocious Expecting a puma, I’m instead … Continue reading

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I’m Your Goomba, No Matta What

Goomba is Italian slang for friend, and I’m a good one, and stay one, no matter what you do. “Oh, so they dug up heads in your backyard? Hmm, are you in jail? Can I bring you anything?” “I just … Continue reading

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The Godfather, by Mario Puzo

 Though published in 1969, I first read it in 1972 after being captivated by the film. When I found it all dusty on my library shelf, we became inseparable until its last page was read, like we had never met before. … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Meets The Godfather

When I saw the headline: Pope Francis Censures The Mafia, I was slightly hungover. Not that I drank a lot, just hadn’t eaten enough, so my mind in its haziness, got significantly cinematic. I suddenly saw His Eminence at Connie … Continue reading

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I’ll Take A Dozen Thank You

I’m on a budget that says…no, you can’t buy anything until work picks up. He’s very firm, that budget, so needless to say I’ve been behaving myself. My credit cards have all gone to the mattresses, as they say in … Continue reading

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I’ll Never Tell

I hate being in the position when someone says, don’t tell anyone what I’m about to say…promise me. You’re suddenly saddled with a secret you never wanted to know to begin with. And let’s face it, the moment one person … Continue reading

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Light No Sugar

If you need a reminder of why you don’t date, all you need is to go on one. The reasons you prefer a book blink like neon. Sammy Sleaze, I’ll call him, is a pal of a pal of mine … Continue reading

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I’m No Snitch

Maybe it’s an Italian thing. If you told me you killed nine people I’d never say a word. I might run away from you and move to Wisconsin with no forwarding address, but your secret would forever be safe with … Continue reading

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The Buck Stops Here

No, this isn’t about Harry Truman or a visiting reindeer…it’s the last of the Kvetch over Xmas Series so please make the most of it. It’s about me being broke from all the cash I had to shell out… HAD, … Continue reading

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I’m hiding up in my apartment with the shades down. Why?   I’ve just about had enough of the outside world, that’s why. I know if I’m not careful I’ll be up on the roof with a loaded Uzi. This epiphany … Continue reading

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