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What We Prefer Not To See

A warning…this is not a happy post. I’m in Starbucks where there’s a homeless man, with no legs, in a wheelchair, parked in the center of the room. It’s freezing out, so Haley and Kim, the two early baristas, let … Continue reading

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Willie’s Got A Brand New Chair

I’ve written about, old Willie, a man in a wheelchair I see some mornings. https://athingirl.com/2015/12/15/ Our first few encounters didn’t go too well, he being fiercely independent, me determined to help.  But in the last few months, Willie and I … Continue reading

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Old Willie

The growing list of characters in my life could easily resurrect P.T. Barnum, the latest one being an old black man in a wheelchair. I see him when I go early to a particular Starbucks as he rolls himself in … Continue reading

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Hero In A Hard Hat

I was on Carmine Street near the East Village en route to  an appointment.  There’s a fellow in a wheelchair, no more than 30, who sits in front of a variety store.  I’ve seen him before.  He doesn’t ask for … Continue reading

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It’s A Miracle, I Can Walk

There’s a middle-aged black man who sits on the corner of 79th and Madison in an old, beat-up wheelchair directly in front of the J Crew Mens store. He sits with a cup and bible held together by string in … Continue reading

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Trying Not To Shake It

I’m a big believer in paying attention to what’s put in front of you. More often than not it’s a lesson of some kind, and what I saw this morning belongs in that category. There’s a little old black man … Continue reading

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Soldiering On

There’s a Vietnam vet in a wheelchair I see quite often who has a pit named Zeke. The two of them never fail to get my attention. The guy is very handsome despite his careworn demeanor…blonde, blue-eyed, looks like an … Continue reading

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The Upside Of Illness

Since my sudden hearing loss, I’ve thought a lot about the trials and tribulations of others. I’ve been so blessed with perfect health my whole life that this turn of events have really humbled me. So this is what it’s … Continue reading

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