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Best Story of the Week…April 8th

I was feeling blue, so I did what I always do, went out for a walk. I found myself at the Library lost in the stacks, starting with Vonnegut, backing up to Mailer, then Hemingway hoping for some solace from … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Know, Ask

There’s nothing wrong with not knowing something. Unfortunately many people are ashamed to ask. I was like that, feeling small because I hadn’t attended college. When people now are surprised by this, it makes me smile. A woman I knew … Continue reading

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An Inner Life

 My friend Jo said something that stayed with me.  She, a great reader, said, that lately she’d been feeling lonely, but is oh so grateful for such an inner life. Books give you that. They keep you company wherever you … Continue reading

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Pigs Feet

Perhaps the title is a bit harsh, but I can’t stand those who arrogantly put their feet up on furniture, especially when it isn’t even theirs. It was noonish, on a peaceful Sunday, when I breezed into the library’s sacred … Continue reading

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April and Bob

Have you ever seen a man and woman in their 70s clearly smitten with one other? I have… it’s how I met April, and her live-in beau, Bob. Both divorced with grown kids and grandchildren, they met on Miami Beach … Continue reading

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Humoring the Humorless

I consider myself blessed having a sense of humor, something that has bailed me out of so many things my entire life. At my worst moment I will find what’s funny latching onto it like a lift boat. Believe it … Continue reading

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