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Mother Nature Should Take Her Meds

Yesterday was 78%. I ran in shorts and a T-shirt, a balmy breeze blowing through my hair. All day the city sang with spring weather, sidewalks filled with the sunny and cheerful. It was as though all problems were placed … Continue reading

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That Younger Man

I’ve never been much into accessories, whether it be bracelets gracing my arm or a scarf knotted around my neck like a noose. I’m told by some sick, though serious sources, having a younger man by your side is equal … Continue reading

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The Manner Not Borne

It never ends, the chronic rudeness of the Upper East Side, beginning with kids. Parents clearly don’t teach manners anymore, their offspring behaving like feral cats, who actually act better. On my way to Petco’s beloved biscuit bar to make … Continue reading

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Who Wants A Hot Dog?

There’s a reason I don’t carry cash. It’s because I spend it. If I go by a Love Store and they’re having a sale on Gleem, I come out with 8 tubes. The fruit vendor suddenly starts looking good to … Continue reading

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