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Best Story of the Week…November 19th

I believe in cause and effect. What you do, how you treat others, will come back to you in kind. I’m waiting for a friend when it starts to pour. I could run for cover, but have no way of … Continue reading

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A Face In the Crowd

I saw her strolling, her golden blonde hair picking up the late afternoon light. She had an ice cream cone in one hand, a Chanel purse, the other. I remember trips to the Met, sated in Renoirs, Lunch of the … Continue reading

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Where We Met

Whenever I find myself in The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Great Hall, I think of Bill. It’s where we went on our first date, the room that launched a romance. We were leaving after spending an hour or so talking … Continue reading

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Sittin’ in the Park

  I’m reminded often, how lucky I am to live so close to Central Park. Even though I run through it most days, I tend to forget to visit more casually.  Today, after it rained all night, I threw on chinos … Continue reading

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Best Line Of The Week

 I’m at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s American Wing, remembering what it was like before they installed a coffee bar. I used to come here to write, when it was a sanctuary…quiet, peaceful. Now it’s Epcot with statuary, surly waiters … Continue reading

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Four-Letter Word Starting With F

I pride myself in being a nice, polite person.  That’s not to say I don’t have a snide side.  I do…inherited from my dear, sweet, dead mother. Like a boxer who needs to guard his fists, I keep my sass … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Chicks

Camille and I are sitting in front of the Met checking out the cheese, as she likes to call it.  We’re in little dresses and flats, cardigans tossed over our shoulders…dressed for, we’re not quite sure what we’re doing yet. … Continue reading

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Simple Pleasures

I used to have a much bigger life, first as a decently paid model then as the girlfriend of a well-to-do man. I traveled, attended parties and charity events along with eating out every night. It explains why I never … Continue reading

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A Broken Wing

I just came back from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, a favorite place of mine. I went mid morning so it was already packed with tourists determined to see everything in one day. I don’t blame them. Where I have … Continue reading

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Love: Add Water and Stir

I was sitting on the Metropolitan Museum’s steps having myself a good muse. It’s a great place for a little late night reflection since the city slows down just enough to give you space to think. I was accompanied by … Continue reading

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