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Virginia Beach…May 31, 2019

12 dead in Virginia Beach. Been hearing in my head the song Neil Young wrote about the Kent State shooting on May 4, 1970… 4 dead in Ohio, though there’s no connection. Well, that’s not exactly true. Guns are guns, … Continue reading

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Yays or Nays for the NRA

The recent Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh has really affected me. I have mixed feelings about our gun laws to begin with, as many of us do. Should we have the Right to Bear Arms, as our Second Amendment states, ratified … Continue reading

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Worst Story Of The Week

And the phone shall inherit the earth. I’m in the park on Sunday at 6 a.m., not a soul in sight except for one man sprinkling salt on the road. I’m delighted that it snowed just enough to be beautiful, … Continue reading

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Presidential Hopelessness

I ask myself, me who’s so proudly patriotic, will I even bother to vote for our next president.  The alleged choices, the American Evita, to quote author, Christopher Anderson, or a callous cockatoo who needs a chronic dose of mousse.  … Continue reading

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The Audrey Hepburn Of Wildlife

A friend of mine went to a pig roast recently. At first I thought she was joking…her way of saying there were be lots of food. Turns out, it was really a lavish picnic a best friend was having for … Continue reading

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Who We Leave Out

While I was having, what I thought, was a casual chat with an acquaintance, the Newtown, Connecticut shooting suddenly came up. This woman said how the media always says 26 people were killed when in fact there were 28. I … Continue reading

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