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Kindness Confuses People

Why is kindness often perceived as a weakness, a question that comes up time and time again. There seems to be a threat attached to it, like some kind of lethal weapon making its opponents twitch with decided discomfort. I … Continue reading

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East Meets West

Coming back on a crowded train, I watched a very homespun looking older gentleman, definitely a tourist, accidentally hit a Hispanic kid in the face with his elbow. OOPS If I had to guess, I’d say he hailed from Oklahoma … Continue reading

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My Graces

A friend of mine, instead of thank you likes to say…my graces to you, a humbler way of showing gratitude. When someone does something kind it should be considered a grace, not a given. Sadly, many people suffer from what … Continue reading

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Receiving Is In The Giving

So I hear we have a new Pope. Don’t panic, this isn’t about him, but the name he chose which was Francis, after St. Francis of Assisi who happens to be my favorite saint. He’s the patron saint for the … Continue reading

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Depth of Feeling

I was awed and delighted at some of the comments inspired from yesterday’s post (Geisha For Hire). My selfless viewpoint seemed to have hit quite a few nerves. I feel compelled to say a little more on the subject since … Continue reading

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