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Best Story of the Week…September 26

  I’m sitting on a bench at Central Park’s 72nd Street boat pond, watching mostly nannies launch miniature yachts and model sailboats their badly behaved charges ignore, more intrigued by ducks, each other and the hotdog cart. It’s the Upper … Continue reading

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Miss Manners, Dead at 10

Certainly a cheery title. For those of you who don’t know, Miss Manners is the pen name of journalist, Judith Martin, an author and authority on etiquette. She would have been astonished this morning in the check-out line at Morton … Continue reading

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Best Story of the Week…January 7

It’s still dark as I make my way to the Park, the temperature barely hitting 30. I’m wearing so many clothes it looks as if I’ve just sneaked out of a hotel without paying the bill, the only way to … Continue reading

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Jack the Zipper

Animals will never cease to amaze or entertain me. We have a new doggie in the neighborhood. A German Shepherd puppy called Jack, and is he ka-utte. You don’t see many Shepherds in these parts, never a popular breed. A … Continue reading

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A Not Nice New York

I live on the Upper East Side in the middle of a pretty block. If you go west, all is clean and peaceful, doormen sweeping, hosing down the pavement.  Seasonal flowers planted on each esplanade. However, if you go east, … Continue reading

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It’s A Matter of Crust

FARINELLA PIZZERIA, 79th and LEX. I’m reminded of cashmere. Once you wear it, you can never go back to wool.  Once you eat their pizza at 6.50 a slice, no…you didn’t misread that…you can never go to Domino’s again. Don’t … Continue reading

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And Then There Was Light

Home Depot has become the new Tiffany’s since it too is open for breakfast. Rather than Elsa Peretti you’ll find Black and Decker winking from the shelves. Hey girlie, come on over, I’ll show ya what I got. The other … Continue reading

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The Best Story Of The Week

Every morning I see a dog walker with several poodles, never any other breed. My first encounter with this handsome, middle-aged man…punky looking with a tattoo of an anchor wrapping around his arm like a nautical tourniquet, was me snapping … Continue reading

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Tennis At The Bar

The amount of material at ones fingertips is staggering, encouraging you to write essays all day,  just by logging in the miles of inappropriate behavior. It’s Sunday, or No Worry Sunday, as it’s come to be called, where I dispense … Continue reading

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Come And Get It

I saw the sweetest thing on Sunday while taking a stroll.  It was early, the streets empty and quiet, when I walked by a movie theater. In front were a flock of birds feasting on a silo of spilled popcorn. … Continue reading

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