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The Blonde With The Petrified Hair

There’s a lady I see all over the place with a hairdo from Mars. She’s tiny, like an old paper doll that, from the back, looks 12, while wearing a helmet on her head like a viking. She power walks … Continue reading

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Hold That Granola

Where I get my Sir Lancelot tendencies is a mystery, but this morning I defended a young cashier working at The Food Emporium.  They had just opened, a little after 7, so there was hardly anyone there.  She was talking … Continue reading

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Panic on The 5th Floor

One of things I already miss about my old apartment is the freedom of coming and going.  There was no super, no authority whatsoever allowing you to do exactly as you pleased any hour of the day or night. If … Continue reading

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What A Turkey

There are many private houses on Manhattan’s upper East Side in the 70s, 80s and 90s clear up to 110th Street.   Old prewar buildings that, if they could talk, would have endless tales to tell of its parade of … Continue reading

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Text Direct

As I was crossing Fifth Avenue early in the morning, I almost collided with a Fresh Direct man and his massive cart of deliveries while he was obliviously texting.  If I hadn’t jumped out of the way, I would have … Continue reading

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Smug And Snooty

I live in the snottiest neighborhood in the world.  Parisians on the Left Bank have nicer manners, and we know how rude the French can be. Park, Madison and Fifth Avenue from 60th Street to 95th are crammed with the … Continue reading

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Another New York Story

This morning running east to west, I see a woman pushing a baby carriage in the distance. Despite being cold, I sidle up next to her peeking in to see the baby turning out to be a chihuahua in a … Continue reading

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What’s The Big Hurry?

I fell flat on my face yesterday. How attractive was that? My impatience got the better of me as I charged down 80th Street to make the light. My white Chuck Taylors, having seen better days, tripped over a break … Continue reading

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It’s A Miracle, I Can Walk

There’s a middle-aged black man who sits on the corner of 79th and Madison in an old, beat-up wheelchair directly in front of the J Crew Mens store. He sits with a cup and bible held together by string in … Continue reading

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Accepting What Is

Like Christmas on sale. You have to be a very special consumer to fill your 2015 holiday needs the day after. Cards, 75% off…all menorahs half price. You’re really a nut to buy a nutcracker when your tree isn’t even … Continue reading

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