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Knowing Bess

I have a new acquaintance in my life named Bess who collects cans and bottles early in the morning.  She has quite an enterprise by the time I see her at 6…two full shopping carts rivaling her height. One can’t … Continue reading

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There’s A Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On

My heat is off. I’m here wrapped in a blanket with sweats over my pajamas. I look like Geronimo about to run track. We’ve been actually lucky lately, the boiler holding its own. But like anything old and weary, it … Continue reading

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Entitlement Syndrome

I’m always amazed at who’s the best mannered because it’s never who you think it will be. It’s not the well-dressed business man seated on the train buried in his New York Times who gallantly gives his seat to the … Continue reading

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The Can Man And Me

6:45 a.m. corner of 80th and Madison… There’s a man picking out all the cans and plastic bottles from the corner trashcan. I squeeze around him to mail a letter. He grabs my ankle causing me to almost fall and … Continue reading

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Sex On The Second Floor

You read about buildings like mine in novels and cheesy screenplays never thinking they actually exist. That prewar 7 story structure now wedged in-between the garish new. Despite its issues, it continues to stand but unless, like me, you’re a … Continue reading

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Ascetically Speaking

This isn’t about monks or whirling dervishes, it’s about me living in the wealthiest section of New York City. There was a lady jogging along Park Avenue while her limo followed behind. It got me thinking. All around me live … Continue reading

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When All Bets Are Off

I recently had an altercation on the avenue with an elderly woman’s personal attendant. Standing on the corner checking my phone, when I looked up two women were coming directly toward me. The older one was in a wheel chair … Continue reading

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Temper Temper

I’m about ready to blow my stack, as my father used to say. I can feel it, like mercury inching up a thermometer. A friend said it could be the changing of the seasons, perhaps I’m acclimating to the warmer … Continue reading

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In Short Order

When I go to The Nectar in the morning to get coffee I often sit at the counter to watch Pablo, the cook, prepare for the day. His rundown of rituals never fails to fascinate me. First let me describe … Continue reading

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