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Freedom Writer

I’m very patriotic, not quite certain where it stems from. Could it be the Flag that waved from our porch every Memorial Day and 4th of July? My dad was in the Royal Air Force during World War II, something … Continue reading

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They Were Soldiers

I’m very patriotic honoring the past, patient with the future, proud to be an American no matter what’s presently going on. I’m a soldier’s daughter after all. My dad served during the Second World War in the Royal Air Force … Continue reading

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It’s Cause Ah’ Read, Baba’

Someone sent me a personal email asking how I know so much after reading my post…Things You May Not Know. At first I thought it must be code for, wanna have a cuppa coffee, since, what a silly question. But … Continue reading

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Independence Day

I ask myself, what does the 4th of July really mean to me…what does it bring up most in my heart? I was raised a patriot.  From the American flag fluttering from our front porch to knowing my dad served … Continue reading

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Soldier To Soldier

Originally posted on athingirldotcom:
I like to think of myself as patriotic, but as I said to my friend Ed, then why am I always getting out of jury duty? He told me how he watched a film that had…

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Thomas Jefferson and Guests

Last night when I couldn’t sleep I found a news item that piqued my curiosity. Evidently 5 people were arrested at The Jefferson Memorial on Saturday for what was considered ‘expressive dancing.’ At first I thought they were just happy … Continue reading

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