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Groundbreaking News…There’s A Sale On Nuts At Fairway

What happened to the days when groundbreaking news was truly groundbreaking, like when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor or, the President’s been shot. I must get 30 of these a day attempting to make me stop in my tracks to … Continue reading

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Tossing An Elbow

I love this expression. I believe I heard it first on a West Wing episode when Leo Mc Garry, the White House Chief of Staff played majestically by the late, great John Spencer, had to simmer some senator down never … Continue reading

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Getting Up Off The Mat

I love this expression first hearing it on The West Wing since it’s one of Aaron Sorkin’s favorites. It means, when life gives you a smack you get up sooner than later. I try to remember that at least 20 … Continue reading

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We Gather Together

Yesterday’s post really got me reminiscing. Thanksgiving has always been a special day ever since I was small. Italians love any excuse to put out a spread and my family was no different. If I had a bigger apartment I … Continue reading

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Sure Thing

I don’t like surprises. That’s why I’m watching the second season of ‘The West Wing’ for the ninth time, I know what’s coming. It’s also a great show even if you do know every bit of dialogue, after all, Aaron … Continue reading

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